Armenian president welcomed activity of OSCE Minsk group in settling Karabakh conflict

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10:48 23.10.2001
text: Caspian news agency
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The OSCE Minsk group format is the most acceptable for the present stage of Karabakh conflict settlement, the Armenian President Robert Kocharian said in his interview to the Georgian Prime News Agancy. CNA received from presidential press office the text of the interview according to which the Armenian president said that Georgia as well indirectly contribute to the settlement of the conflict actively participating in regional projects and creation of regional security system. As for the role of Russia, the Armenian president said that the deeper and more efficient is the Russia’s involvement in the settlement process the more chances can be for reaching success.

While speaking about the contacts of the Armenian and Azeri presidents, Kocharian stressed that they became a good bases for forming the approaches and fixing common position of the sides.