Ukrainian Foreign Minister arriving in Yerevan today

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17:37 18.10.2001
text: Caspian news agency
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Anatoliy Zlenko is arriving in Yerevan tonight. Press service of Armenian Foreign Ministry informed CNA that on October 19 Anatoliy Zlenko would meet with Armenian President, parliamentary Speaker, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Signing some intergovernmental agreements will take place in the Armenian Foreign Ministry. These will be agreements on cooperation in spheres of information, energy and agriculture. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister will lay down flowers to the Memorial of victims of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey in 1915, visit the Holy See of Echmiadzin and take part in opening ceremony of Ternopol Academy of national economy in Yerevan. Together with Anatoliy Zlenko large delegation of Ukrainian business circles is arriving in Yerevan. Meeting between Armenian and Ukrainian businessmen will take place in the Union of Armenian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The visit of the Ukrainian minister holds regional character. October 17-18 Zlenko paid an official visit to Baku. His visit to Tbilisi is also expected.