Georgian Foreign Ministry checks information about use of military equipment from Russia base in Gudauta in confrontation in Kodor gorge

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11:39 10.10.2001
text: Caspian news agency
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The Georgian side possesses information saying that military equipment from the Russian military base in Gudauta can be used on the bottom Kodor gorge during the conflict. The Georgia Foreign Minister Irakliy Menagarishvily said at today's briefing that the ministry is presently checking out this information. As for the Russian base which had to be withdrawn from Abkhazia from July 1, the minister said that sooner it is withdrawn better will be the situation in Abkhazia and Georgian-Russian relations. The Minister said that "the current opposition in "Abkhaz" part of Kodor gorge" evidences that Sukhumi authorities can not control territories and refuse from undertaking real steps for settling conflict, further escalating the situation."