China is our strategic partner in economy and politics, Nazarbayev

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13:56 06.06.2012
text: Kazinform
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"Over the years of independence China has become our strategic partner, both in economy and politics,"

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev told Kazakhstani mass media at the briefing on Wednesday (June 6) in Beijing.

"Kazakhstan participates in the SCO Summit. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is one of the leading organizations and it influences economic and political processes in the region and beyond. Kazakhstan supports the SCO from day one," Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

"If you take a look at the history, it all started with the signing of the Agreement on borders between the Central Asian republics, China and Russia. Back then Jiang Zemin and I made a decision to continue those meetings and turn them into economic partnership. Since then we had a lot of meetings and the 10th jubilee SCO session in Astana last year. Currently China chairs the SCO," the Head of State noted.

President Nazarbayev also touched upon his official visit to the People's Republic of China during the briefing. "Everybody is talking about possible change of leadership in China. In this light, I have met with the leadership of the country today, to check the watch, as the phrase goes. It is very important," Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed.

The Kazakh leader also emphasized that over the last decade the commodity turnover between Kazakhstan and China went from USD 800 million to astonishing USD 25 billion. China invested USD 15 billion into Kazakhstan's economy, half of the sum in direct investments. The Chinese friends helped Kazakhstan amid financial crisis and allotted USD 10 billion to overcome that period.

Kazakhstan and China actively cooperate in the energy sector. The Chinese companies are broadly represented in Kazakhstan's oil sector. "About 20 per cent of oil produced in Kazakhstan is sold to China," the Head of State added.

Kazakhstan and China also have big plans in terms of industrial cooperation, creation of large transport highways and joint projects for all SCO member countries.

The Kazakh President also spoke of new pipelines from Kazakhstan to China, gas pipeline Central Asia - Kazakhstan with the capacity of 40 billion cubic meter of gas.

"If Chinese companies participate in Kashagan project, we will expand the pipelines. Diversification of the export potential of natural resources is crucial for Kazakhstan by any definition," President Nazarbayev pointed out.

"Our joint declaration highlights cooperation in new technologies, alternative energy and IT," Nursultan Nazarbayev said in conclusion of the Kazakh-Chinese Joint Declaration inked on Wednesday in Beijing.