Necessary to strengthen fighting corruption system - Kazakh Secretary of State M. Kul-Mukhammed

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16:50 11.05.2012
text: Kazinform
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According to the instructions of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, it is necessary to strengthen fighting corruption system and ensure Kazakh citizen's rights," Kazakh Secretary of State Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed said at the seating of the Anti-Corruption Commission under Kazakh President.

"Head of State pays serious attention to the further development of the construction sector, Housing and Land Relations. Significant funds are allocated for these purposes. According to the Kazakh President's address "Socio-Economic Modernization - the Main Vector of Kazakhstan Development," Government should develop and adopt a new program "Affordable Housing 2020" till July 1, 2012 providing funding from the national budget. Therefore, the effectiveness of measures taken to fight corruption in these areas depends on the successful implementation of assigned tasks," M. Kul-Mukhammed said.

Following the meeting, the Commission made ​​recommendations to improve government agencies personnel work, and strengthen control over implementation of investment projects financed from the budget.