Firefighters rescued 13 people from burning mosque in Astana

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13:12 16.01.2012
text: Kazinform
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Team Astana's fire service rescued 13 people from the burning mosque "Hazrat Sultan", Kazinform refers to the press service of the capital's department for emergency situations.

"35 units of firefighting equipment are used. Our fire service personnel rescued 13 people. They now are provided with medical care", chief specialist of the department's press office Bibigul Yesmaganbetova said.

She added that the fire cause is investigated. Now the mosque is still on fire.

Mosque "Hazrat Sultan" is one of the most beautiful architectural structures of the capital. It is located at the intersection of Tauelsizdik Avenue and 12th highway, next to the Palace of Peace and Harmony, and Independence monument "Kazakh Eli". The total area of ​​the mosque is 13 ha. The mosque is built in the classical Islamic style with traditional Kazakh ornaments and decorative items, and consists of 3 floors. The mosque has four minarets and biggest dome in Kazakhstan with width of 28 meters and height of 52 meters.