Sequence of Zhanaozen and Shetpe events

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12:05 20.12.2011
text: Kazinform
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14 people killed in the mass riots in Zhanaozen and Shetpe station in Mangystau region. Above 80 people were reported injured.

During the unrest in Zhanaozen on this December 16, 46 facilities, including local branches of the Khalyk Bank, Alliance Bank, 20 shops, 2 cafes, 2 akimat offices (Zhanaozen city administration and Tenge village administration), "Ozenmunaygaz" company building, 3 private homes, 20 vehicles were set to fire and looted.

On December 17 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev imposed a state of emergency there. The investigation and operational group led by Interior Minister Kalukhamet Kassymov and the governmental commission with 1st Vice Premier Umirzak Shukeyev in charge are working in the region. 19 check points were set up to restore the public order.

On the night of December 16-17, 70 the most active participants of the mass disorders and marauders were detained, 8 of them were arrested. Above 60 people were detained for breaking the curfew.

As for the Shetpe station events occurred on December 17, a group of persons blocked the movement of passenger train 309 en route Mangyshlak-Aktobe running through the Shetpe railway station in Mangystau region.

There were 300 passengers in the train. The group demanded that passengers voice support to the participants of the mass violent riots in the town of Zhanaozen the day before. As a result of the group's actions 7 passenger trains and 3 freight trains were delayed.

Ignoring the calls of officers of local police and executive authorities, the participants of the action refused to leave the railway tracks. At the same time some 150-200 people came from the direction of the village and encircled the officers throwing stones and bottles with flammable liquids at them. Further they burnt the Christmas tree, demolished car windows and other property in Shetpe village. 50 hooligans showed strong confrontation, burnt the freight train locomotive and threw bottles with flammable liquids into the train.

As a result of these events 12 people were taken to Mangustau regional hospital with gunshot wounds. One of them died.

On December 17 at 10:20 pm a group of persons attacked maintenance workers at Sai-Utes railway station. 4 people were detained on suspicion of having committed the given crimes.

Kazakh Prosecutor General's Office has posted the photos and video materials of the incidents occurred in Zhanaozen and Shetpe station of Mangystau region on its official website www.prokuror.kz