State program on support of volunteering to be developed in Kazakhstan

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14:04 08.07.2011
text: Kazinform
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Volunteering in Kazakhstan needs state support, director of the youth public association 'Social-Voluntary Center' Vera Kim thinks. She made it public during a 'roundtable' in Astana.

She noted that there were no legal norms regulating the voluntary work. Taking into account social relevance of volunteers a special law in this regard should be developed, the director of the youth public association believes.

'First of all, we would like special programs to support volunteering in the regions of the country. We need the programs targeting this work and supporting the activity,' she said.

Upon the completion of the 'roundtable' the participants adopted recommendations on necessity to establish the national council on development of volunteering in Kazakhstan.

These recommendations will be discussed at the Civic Forum of Kazakhstan in autumn.

The Head of State is expected to participate in the Forum.