China and Kazakhstan Customs Identify Cooperation Priorities

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17:42 03.08.2010
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The Sub-committee on Port and Customs Cooperation of the China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Committee ended its fifth meeting on 15 April. Minister Sheng Guangzu of China Customs and Mr. Karbuzov, Chairman of the Customs Control Committee signed a memorandum that day with an aim to enhance the port and customs cooperation between the two sides.

According to the memorandum, the two sides will make efforts to ensure the implementation of such earlier decided measures as standardizing the working hours of the ports, improving the ports’ infrastructure and promoting efficiency. In addition, the two sides agreed to apply the pilot 7*24(24 hours per day, 7 days per week) service scheme at one priority border port. Further steps will be taken based on the assessment of this pilot scheme.

The agriculture sectors of China and Kazakhstan are highly complementary. Under this favorable condition, the two sides have had closer cooperation with the bilateral trading volume in agriculture products going up continuingly. To create a more favorable trading environment, both sides agreed to open a green channel through which vegetables and other agricultural products produced by the two countries can be released quickly.

Minister Sheng Guangzu of China Customs said that the meeting pointed the cooperation priorities in port and customs affairs and paved the way for the future “multi-tiered, wide-range and omni-dimentional” bilateral cooperation.

Source: Alibaba.com