Introduction of Kazakhstan to Customs Union to help realization of forced industrially-innovative development program

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17:42 18.03.2010
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. March 18. Kazakhstan Today - Introduction of Kazakhstan to the Customs Union will assist realization of the program of the forced industrially-innovative development. First Vice Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Umirzak Shukeev, informed in an interview to journalists, the agency reports citing official mass media.

"Some say that Kazakhstan produces little from non-raw sector, but why? It is not the case that our businessmen are worse or do not know something," he noted. According to First Vice Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, when you try to involve foreign investors, they, first of all, are interested in the volume of our market. When we say that our market is 15 million, they turn away."

"Therefore, the head of state consistently and persistently has been pursuing the policy of creation of integration associations. The Customs Union - concrete realization of this policy," U. Shukeev said.

"Now, when we have a market of 160 million people, the situation is fundamentally different."