CIS Transport system to become a base for transit bridge between Europe and Asia

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12:18 17.06.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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"An acting transport infrastructure of CIS countries within the next few years will become the base for integration of transport systems of Europe and Asia and establishment of a transit bridge between West and East". Danial Akhmetov, prime minister of RK reported about that today at the international conference "TransEurasia-2004", KZ-today informs.

"This infrastructure will allow to establish optimal transport routes and corridors and provide constant shipping in all directions," D. Akhmetov stressed.

The head of the government noted "the potential transport routes have been already determined in Kazakhstan, which could promote to extend Pan-European transport corridor for a link between East and Asia". Due to his words, currently the government of the republic of Kazakhstan is examining the impact of the joining upon economic development of the region and continent. The construction of a new railway from "Dostyk" station at the border with China up to Aktau sea port is also stipulated by Eurasian transport system establishment, D. Akhmetov said. "We suppose that the given main line will be prolonged that allow to reduce the route of freight flow from South-East Asia to Europe," he concluded.

Translated by Nataliya Shirinskikh