Russia believes Caspian oil transportation routes are politically motivated

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17:05 28.04.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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"Problems of pipeline transportation are usually considered to be economic. The situation around the Caspian, is different though. Today they try to turn the concept of multivector orientation, which is rational by itself, into a political directive. Calls to the multivector orientation more and more remind orders to put an end to the so called Russian pipeline monopoly, ignoring not only economic rationality, but also environmental security," Victor Kalyuzhny, special RF presidential representative for the Caspian Sea said today, on April 28, during the I international forum "Caspian: politics, economics, business", KZ-today correspondent reports.

According to V. Kalyuzhny "we allow to drag us into these political games, to make us clash with each other. Meanwhile, we must act together, to resolve the multivector orientation problem on economic basis, calculate a common energy balance for the Caspian." With such an approach, according to V. Kalyuzhny, "there will appear, in particular, a possibility to resolve the problem of Caspian gas transport to Europe more efficiently and with more profit, than Turkey and Greece are trying to do it now without us. It will be easier to seek mutually acceptable ways to resolve Black Sea straits problems."

"It is clear that the passions around the straits are inflamed artificially for the propagandistic ends of the said multivector orientation, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline in the first turn," - V. Kalyuzhny stressed.

The settlement of this situation, according to V. Kalyuzhny, "requires collective, not unilateral actions."