Strengthening wind in several regions of Kazakhstan

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16:00 30.03.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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"Kazhydromet" RSE has circulated a storm warning on strengthening wind in few parts of the republic, KZ-today has been advised in the national crisis centre of the AER of RK.

Thus, according to the meteorologists, on 1 April Western wind reaching 17-22 metres per second is expected in Akmola and North Kazakhstan oblasts. In Pavlodar, Karaganda and East Kazakhstan oblasts South Western wind reaching 17-22 metres per second with gusts up to 23-28 metres per second.

Besides, according to "Kazhydromet", the temperature is expected to fall in several regions of Kazakhstan. Thus, in Atyrau oblast the night temperature on 2 April will be 2-7 degrees below zero centigrade, in West Kazakhstan - 5-10, up to 13 degrees below zero centigrade. In Aktobe oblast the temperature will fall to 2-7, up to 12 degrees below zero centigrade.