92.3% of Almaty people are against the war on Iraq

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17:44 21.02.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
views: [115]

92.3% among the interviewed Almaty people have a negative attitude towards the US plans to start military actions in Iraq, with 78.1% estimating their position as "extremely negative". The research company "Comcon-2 Eurasia" informed about it on the basis of the sociological interview that it carried out among Almaty people.

As per the sociological interview, only 3.8% are indifferent towards this problem. Only 1.4% of city residents see positive aspects in the US policies concerning Iraq. As it was discovered during the search, the older the respondents are, the more negatively they treat a possibility of an American-Iraqi war. Thus, among the respondents in the age from 16 to 29 this figure makes 62.2%, from 30 to 39 - 71.4%, from 40 to 49 - 84.9%, from 50 to 59 - 94.6%, and from 60 and older - 97.8%.

The opinions of Almaty people, who answered the question about the development of the events were divided: 46.6% of the city residents suppose that the war can start while the number of those who have a diferent point of view is 36.1%. The number of those who had a difficulty with responding - 17.3%.