Putin has arrived to Astana with an official visit

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17:42 09.01.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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An official visit of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, to Kazakhstan has started today, on 9 January. The plane with Russian delegation headed by the president aboard landed in Astana airport at 17.10 of local time with an hour delay, KZ-today correspondent reports from the capital of the republic.

The delegation was received in the airport by Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, Danial Akhmetov, prime minister of RK, Grigoriy Marchenko, first vice premier, Mukhtar Altynbayev, minister of defence, Kassymzhomart Tokayev, foreign minister of RK, Vladimir Shkolnik, minister of energy and mineral resources, Temirkhan Dosmukhambetov, akim of Astana and others.

The Russian delegation included Victor Christenko, deputy chairman of the government, Dmitry Ayatzkov, governor of Saratov oblast, Oleg Morozov, deputy of State Duma and others. Earlier, accredited Russian journalists had arrived to Astana - more than 50 persons.

After attending to the anthems of both states the presidents and persons accompanying them departed for the capital residence of the president of RK.

Earlier it was reported that the visit of V. Putin to Kazakhstan was going to last for two days. It is suggested that issues of using Baikonur space centre, increasing co-operation in fuel and energy, the state border delimitation, as well as the co-operation in military and technical areas will be discussed during the meeting of presidents of two countries. It is also suggested that big significance will be given to further development of trade and economic relations between the two countries. A number of documents are expected to be signed. Besides, issues of developing integrating efforts, continuing the active co-operation between RK and RF within the CIS, the EEU, the CSTO, the SCO and the Common Economic Space under construction will also be reviewed.

Tonight a solemn opening of the Year of Russia in Kazakhstan with participation of the two presidents will take place in the Congress Hall in Astana.

Earlier it was reported that the volume of commodity turnover between Kazkahstan and Russia had made $5 billion in 2003, which is by 30% higher than in 2002. Around 70% of it was made by the trade between border regions.