Mercuria purchased next lot of Azerbaijani oil

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13:46 08.06.2005
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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The French and US oil company Mercuria has purchased the next lot of Azerbaijani oil (Urals brand), presented by SOCAR for export from Novosibirsk port.

The volume of the given lot is 82,000 tons. Its transportation from Novosibirsk port is scheduled for 29-30 June, 2005.

SOCAR exported 815,100 tons of oil from Novosibirsk port for the last five months. The company expects to transport 2,5 million tons that corresponds to the level of 2004. The transportation tariff per one ton of oil via Baku-Novosibirsk pipeline is $15.67.

Translated by Nataliya Shirinskikh