Nuclear waste import contradicts the legislation of RK

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17:25 03.10.2002
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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"The supposed permission on import, storage and burial of radioactive waste on the trritory of RК contradicts the national legislation of RK". This statement has been made, on 3 October at a press conference in Almaty by Gulsum Kakimzhanova, coordinator of Anti-nuclear Campaign of Kazakhstan (ACK).

In particular, this decision of the country administration will contradict the laws "Оn ecological expertise", "Оn environment protection", "Оn licensing", "Оn the usage of nuclear energy", ACK participants consider.

According to G.Kakimzhanova, "burial of radioactive waste in RK is profitable only for separate officials, such as Muhtar Zhakishev, president of NAC "Kazatomprom" and Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of RK ".

According to Mels Yeleussizov, chairman of ecologic union "Тabigat", "in the first place changes in the legislation of RK, allowing to import and bury the waste here, are profitable only for Russian Ministry of Atomic Industry, which after processing of highly radioactive waste doesn't know what to do with the low radioactive one".

"…the West will stop thinking about the destiny of its own nuclear waste and will send it to Kazakhstan", if the administration permits to import and bury the nuclear waste in Kazakhstan, - M.Yeleussizov concluded.