Kazakh-Pakistani business forum took place in Islamabad

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11:25 10.12.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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A Kazakh-Pakistani business forum took place in Islamabad on 9 December. During the forum businessmen from the two countries discussed issues of trade and economic partnership.

The delegation of Kazakhstan included 30 leading businessmen of the republic, representing various areas of the economy of the republic. The day before the president of Kazakhstan had said that he had been in favour of free trade between the countries, stressing that the republics had not had any disagreements on key issues.

The head of Pakistan, general Pervez Musharraf, speaking about Kazakhstan, stressed a special role of the republic in Central Asian region. The visit of N. Nazarbayev, according to P. Musharraf, will help to develop and consolidate bilateral relations.

The countries concluded agreements on co-operation in economy, ecology, education, and banking. Issues of developing transport communication between Kazakhstan and Pakistan and co-operation in military and oil & gas areas were also discussed.

During the forum also a presentation of the book "Epicentre of peace" by the head of Kazakhstan took place.