Bordyuzha notes intensification of co-operation within the CSTO

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8:45 29.12.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Nikolai Bordyuzha, secretary genera of the Collective Security Treaty Organization noted an intensification of military and technical co-operation in the area of arms supplies on privileged conditions within the CSTO. He made such statement at a press conference in Moscow yesterday, December 28, "Novosti" RIA reports.

According to him "almost all the CSTO member-states have ratified the necessary package of documents on privileged conditions." "We have relevant orders and a plan of interaction in this field," he said. "These supplies have intensified," N. Bordyuzha observed.

He expressed a hope that "in addition to Russia relevant regulating documents would be adopted by other countries, in particular, Belarus and Kazakhstan". According to him, these states should sell the military technique at privileged prices.

N. Bordyuzha stated that the CSTO countries were developing cooperation in the law enforcing sphere and interaction between the secret services. "They have much in common with the military and technical area," the CSTO secretary general noted.

Therefore, he continued, "we are spreading these privileges on special services and law enforcement bodies of the CSTO to increase counter-terrorist and anti-drug potential of the CSTO countries".

N. Bordyuzha also observed that the draft agreement on the privileged personnel training was concluded in 2004. This important document was a result of our five-year work, he concluded.