"Open society" foundation sums up results of elections in Almaty

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15:22 21.09.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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According to an exit poll carried out during the parliamentary elections in RK by the "Open society" institution, "Otan", "Ak Zhol" and "Asar" are leading in Almaty. Igor Kuznetsov, foundation president, has stated this today, September 21, at a press conference, KZ-today correspondent reports.

According to the organisation, the summary appearance in Almaty has been 29.3%. According to I. Kuznetsov, the low appearance can be explained by "a certain fatigue of the population" on the eve of the elections. The head of the organisation observed that the parties and candidates were very active in the last pre-election campaign. Besides, so called "dirty technologies" were used. It caused some dissatisfaction among electors and subsequently their unwillingness to vote.

According to the exit poll, "Otan" party that received 40.1% of votes was a sure leader in Almaty. "Ak Zhol" DPK accumulated 22.9%, "Asar" - 19.1%, "The opposition people's union of CPK and DCK" - 5.1%, the AIWU bloc - 4.2%, the Patriotic and the Communist People's Parties - 1.9% each, the Democratic party - 0.6%, "Auyl" - 0.4%, "Rukhaniyat" - 0.3%.

Predilections of Almaty people among the candidates were also traced during the poll. In the election district No.3 a candidate from "Asar" Sergei Kiselev has gathered 35.9% of votes, Gani Kasymov, candidate from the Patriotic Party - 28.2%. In the fourth district - a candidate from the AIWU Sergei Boyarkin received 49.8% of votes, a candidate from "Ak Zhol" Zhannat Yertlessova - 22.3%. In the district No.5 a self-appointed Turarbek Asanov accumulated 28.9%, a candidate from the AIWU Yelzhan Birtanov - 20.6%. In the sixth election district Sergei Diachenko from "Otan" party has won with 52.2%. 34.1% of electors voted for Oraz Dzhandosov, a candidate from "Ak Zhol" DPK, and 25.2 for a self-appointed candidate Kulyash Agatayeva in the district No.7.

The exit poll has been carried out at 30 polling station of Almaty. More than 14 thousand people have been polled.