President RK Has Signed The Law "About Martial Law"

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14:32 18.03.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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The President of RK Nursultan Nazarbaev has signed the law "About Martial Law". The press-service of the President of RK has informed Kazakhstan-today agency.

According to text of the law, the martial law can be incorporated on the whole RK territory or on its part in the event of military aggression against Kazakhstan. Military aggression is considered, regardless of the war announcement, invasion of foreign state military forces on the RK territory, the republic bombing, the RK seaside or port blockade, foreign military forces actions against RK military units and refinements, sea or aircraft transport, foreign military forces usage, residing on RK territory in breach of contract about their allocation, sending of bands on behalf of other state to RK, granting of its territory by the third party as the bridgehead for aggression against RK, and other actions directed against the Kazakhstan independence, territorial integrity and political independence.

The martial law introduction is the President of RK right. During martial law he realizes the general management of the martial law organization, defines the order of measures usage of the martial law. At the same time the President has the right to limit the population RK in civil liberty. When introducing the martial law state leader issues the edict about the undertaking full or partial mobilization.

In case of the martial law introduction the state structures obtain exclusive rights on economics activity, life support objects, transport and energy management. The Government also has the right to require the stocks and material capital equipment granting from enterprises for the state necessities with the following indemnity of those valuables.

The complete text of the edict is published in the official seal.