Raised cost of University education taken under presidential control

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9:33 03.12.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, has taken into consideration the situation in country universities that is due to a raised cost of studies. Tanirbergen Berdongarov, mazhilis deputy, made such statement yesterday, December 3, at a briefing in the parliament.

The deputy explained that "this morning the president has held a meeting. This issues has been taken under control." According to T. Berdongarov, "the reaction of the head of state will allow to allow the problem in the nearest future." The mazhlisman supposes that to resolve the problem KZT 2-4 billion are needed. "The country can close this hole in the budget," - he believes.

Another mazhilis deputy Sergey Kiselev in his turn said that they try to "accuse students" of the errors committed by the financial centre, which is the credit operator of the Ministry of Education and Science. According to S. Kiselev, "in such situation the minister should resign."

He also explained that students, who signed "under pressure" the additional agreements, "have a full right to apply to court in compliance with the article 158 of the Civil Code this transaction should be acknowledged as illegal, because it breaches the current legislation."

Earlier it was reported that students who studies at the expense of state education credits had been forced to sign an additional agreement, raising the cost for the whole period of education by average 80%. Moreover, the Ministry of Education and Science refers to a government decree, providing an indexation of the cost of education in accordance with the annually approved costs.