Heads of Institute of Seismology not interested in joining Global Networks for Forecasting of Earthquakes

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10:43 15.01.2010
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. January 15. Kazakhstan Today - The Kazakhstan seismologists are concerned about the fact that joining of the country to Global Networks for Forecasting of Earthquakes can be the reason for discontinuance of some having no prospects works, a source in the Seismology Institute informed.

According to the source, the Institute of Seismology of Kazakhstan and Research and Production Complex Forecast has concerns about joining the Global Networks for Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE). "The position of the Director of the Institute, Tanatkan Abakanov, was initially extremely negative. Probably this concern is connected with the fact that the new GNFE technology may be the reason for termination of some having no prospect works in the field of forecasting of earthquakes carried out in the Institute."

The Emergency Department of Almaty holds an opinion that Kazakhstan needs to become a full member of the Global Networks for Forecasting of Earthquakes. Thus, considering the area of the territory of the Republic, there is an opinion that the country needs not less than three seismic stations used by GNFE, which will increase accuracy and quality of forecasts.

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