President spoke with Putin on telephone

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9:47 16.03.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, has congratulated Vladimir Putin with his convincing victory in the Russian presidential poll in a telephone conversation. KZ-today has been advised about it in the presidential administration of RK.

The president of Kazakhstan has wished the Russian president that "the State Duma and the government of Russia support the course of reforms headed by the president by all means as his confederates, achieve new big results on the way of socioeconomic progress of the country." N. Nazarbayev has expressed a hope that in the forthcoming period, in particular, during the Year of Russia in Kazakhstan the relations between the two countries "reach a new level."

Heads of Russia and Kazakhstan have discussed further development of co-operation between the two countries in energy and transport, cultural and humanitarian spheres, and the delimitation of the state border during the conversation. V. Putin meeting a request from N. Nazarbayev has confirmed that Victor Christenko will remain the representative of Russia in the High Level Group for the formation of Common Economic Space between Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine.