Tajik security ministry investigates January 31 terrorist act

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15:19 02.02.2005
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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The investigating department of the Ministry of Security of Tajikistan has filed a criminal case as per article 179, part 1 of the Criminal Code of RT "Terrorist act" on the fact of the explosion that occurred by the building of the Ministry of Emergencies of RT in Dushanbe on 31 January, investigating department has advised KZ-today correspondent reports.

A car GAZ-24 exploded 31 January in front of the gates of the Ministry of Emergencies of RT. The driver of the car, a 40-year old cab driver was killed by the blast. Other 10 persons were injured, including five employees of the Ministry of Emergencies of RT. 5 cars caught fire, 2 of them were burnt completely, according to Mahmadullo Khalimov, deputy minister of emergencies.

According to independent experts, the strength of the blast equalled 1.5 kilogrammes of TNT.