No citizens of Kazakhstan among Asian quake victims

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9:32 28.12.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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According to the diplomatic mission of RK to Thailand, there are no citizens of Kazakhstan among people killed by the earthquake in Bay of Bengal on 26 December, a release by the foreign ministry press service circulated last night says.

Earlier it was reported that a quake reaching 9.0 grades on the Richter scale had occurred on 26 December in Bay of Bengal at 7.58 AM of the local time. A series of tremors raised a destructive 1o metre high tidal wave that hit South East Asian countries: Sri-Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, reaching also the Oriental coast of Africa. In Thailand mainly Phuket and nearby resorts were hit.

According to the diplomatic mission, 227 persons flew from Kazakhstan to Bangkok by charter flights on 20 and 22 December, a part of which remained in the Thai capital, another part departed for Pattaya and other resorts, including Phuket. Out of the persons who departed for Phuket 26 are safe, three hospitalised. Also 123 persons flew from Kazakhstan to Pattaya on 26 December, they are currently safe.

A working group has been created in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate work on assistance to the citizens of RK staying in the disaster area. The diplomatic mission employees carry out a search for the Kazakhstani citizens, organise evacuation of the victims from the disaster area, and assist accommodation of the victims in the remaining hotels of Phuket.