Head of CEC says elections were not bad, but not magnificent

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9:42 20.09.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Zaghipa Baliyeva, chair of the Central Election Commission, has stated that "the elections of deputies for the parliament's mazhilis were not bad, but not magnificent either." She has expressed this opinion today, September 20, at a briefing for journalists in the CEC, KZ-today correspondent reports.

Commenting on the usage of the electronic system "Sailau" in the elections, the head of CEC proposed that journalists themselves estimate "what is better - the electronic or paper voting, how much efficient and fast the results are." Z. Baliyeva has stressed again that "those who criticised our electronic voting system realised" that it is "very convenient for journalists, for the society, and, in the first place, for the election commission members, because by now they would have already finished the calculation of votes, put anelectronic signature, closed the polling stations, and gone home to sleep."

At the same time, according to the CEC chair, the precision problem concerning the lists of voters was quite acute during the elections. "Not only executive authorities, not only commissions must participate in drawing up these lists, but the citizens themselves," - Z. Baliyeva is assured. She has reminded that Kazakhstan "has consciously given up the residence permit institutions, which allowed to draw up more or less perfect lists of voters." "At this stage the registration has been chosen as an alternative to the residence permits, but the registration authorities are only starting to work on a new basis and, possibly, if our system "Sailau" is connected online to the civilian registry offices, migration authorities, address bureaus, then we will have very correct authorities." The CEC chair has also stressed that she doesn't know "a single country, in which, this problem has been ideally resolved."