President of the RK Nursultan Nazarbayev turned to the Member States of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) to support proposal to hold CICA Summit in 2002

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11:35 09.11.2001
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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President of the RK Nursultan Nazarbayev, speaking at the annual meeting with Heads of foreign missions in Almaty on November 8, 2001, turned to the CICA Member

States to support this process and hold CICA Summit in 2002. "Acts of terror and all what is happening now confirm that such body as CICA is vital in Asian continent.

After consultations with the leaders of big powers the Summit scheduled for November 8-10, 2001 in Almaty was postponed to first half of 2002. This decision was taken despite excellent arrangements made for the Summit. All last nine years Kazakhstan and other participants of CICA were working hard and made big job. Conceptual and informational documents of CICA are completely agreed upon. Ready for signing the final document of the Summit - Almaty Act of CICA in which there are agreed positions on the necessity to prior elimination of nuclear weapons and other kinds of weapons of mass destruction. Consensus is found upon creation of nuclear free zones in Asia. The document contains basics of establishment of the organizational structure of CICA. Leaders of almost all CICA Member States, as well as of such international organizations as the UN, OSCE and some others, confirmed their participation in the forthcoming Summit. It was not easy for Kazakhstan to take decision on postponement of the Summit. We proceeded from the following reasons. Today, attention of all the countries is attached to the problem of combating terrorism. Holding CICA forum in such a situation would have narrowed the scope of issues and deviated attention to the problems of combating extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan. This happened at APEC Summit in Shanghai. Moreover, we have complicated relations that exist between the CICA Member States - Israel-Palestinian,

Indo-Pakistani and other problems. This would not have created favorable conditions for productive and fruitful Summit. International community approaches understanding that after acts of terror in the USA the system of international relations may undergo changes. The system is in transition period on the sideline of

which people recomprehend the tasks in the field of security both on global and regional levels. Situation that is happening in Central Asia, where there is also the venue of the said Summit to be, is rather complicated. This is why we found it reasonable not to expedite holding the Summit on the account of its quality. We are glad that our decision found understanding on the part of all CICA Member States" - stated President.