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10:54 26.09.2001
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Kazakhstan accepted the decision about temporary limitations on the citizens of Tadjikistan's entry . This decision was made according to the point number 4 of the agreement concerning non-visa regime in the frames of EuroAsEC , signed in November in 2000. As the director of the council department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. V. Konirbaev announced, Kazakhstan accepts preventive measures in the interests of protecting of national security of the state in connection with the terrorist acts in the USA. He underlined, that last time cases of illegal penetration of Afghanian citizens with Tadjikistan passports became more rapid.

These limitations will not touch such people, who comes to the business trip, or is in the number of official delegations of Tadjikistan - their entry will be accomplished according to the special list , represented by official Dushanbe.

Mr. Konirbaev said, that it is difficult to say how long this regime will work. He underlined the negative side of this measure, because any limitations lead to the decrease of turnover, in that we are not interested in. Mr. Konirbaev also said, that the President of Kazakhstan highly estimates friendly relations with Tadjikistan.

As soon temporary measures are stopped, Astana will sign the agreement with Dushanbe about implementation of the cards of migration control, which let strengthen struggle with illegal migration.

At the same time Astana and Dushanbe agreed about citizens of Tadjikistan, who have contracts on work in Kazakhstan and Russia, will be admitted on the Kazakhstan's territory if they have labor agreement.

Concerning trips of citizens of Kirgizia and Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, Mr. Konirbaev said, that with these countries Astana has agreements concerning non-visa regime - with Bishkek in the frames of EuroAsEC, and with Tashkent according to the bilateral agreements. No limitations for citizens of these countries are envisaging.

However, now the passport control is strengthening around the Southern boarders. The customs control is strengthening too in connection with great stream of drugs and weapon.

The head of the council department underlined, that citizens of Kirgizia must get migration card of the Kazakhstan's frontier boarder. If they are on the territory of the country during 5 days, they will not be registered. After leaving they should return these cards at the frontier post.

The agreement with Uzbekistan about non-visa regime is not acting yet, because it is not ratified. After ratifying the cards of migration control are supposed to be implemented.

No other limitations for the citizens of Kirgizia and Uzbekistan are envisaging.

With Turkmenistan Kazakhstan established visa regime for citizen's trips.