Ratings of Kazakhstani political leaders

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11:17 16.08.2004
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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According to the results of a sociological enquiry, made by the Association of sociologists and political scientists of RK, the high rating of popularity has been registered between the most political leaders at the beginning of August, KZ-today informs.

According to enquiries, the most popular are Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of RK (more than 70%), Dariga Nazarbayeva, chairperson of "Asar" party (63.9%) and Bulat Abilov, co-chairman of "Ak Zhol" party (31%). The low rating of Serikbolsyn Abdildin, leader of the communist party of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Kosarev, leader of the people's communist party the first secretary of the CC registered and Maksut Narikbayev, leader of democratic party has been registered in August against July.

Outsiders are V. Kosarev, leader of the people's communist party (3.1%), M. Narikbayev, DPK chairperson (3%) and Ludmila Zhylanova, co-chairman of "Ak Zhol" party (2.9%).

Translated by Nataliya Shirinskikh