Kazakhstan and Germany improve interparliamentary relations

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13:44 15.05.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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From 28 to 30 May, 2003, the president of Bundesraete and prime minister of federal province Saxony-Angaalt Wolfgang Boemer will visit Kazakhstan on invitation from the senate of parliament of RK Oralbai Abdykarimov, the embassy of Germany in RK reports.

The report says that this visit will promote the contacts between the two countries, in particular, between the parliaments of both countries. A full usage of the potential of businessmen from Germany and German businessmen from Kazakhstan will help to improve bilateral economic relations.

The current visit of prime minister W.Boemer to Kazakhstan, during which he will visit Astana and Karaganda, is a response to the visit of Kazakhstani senate representatives to Germany in July 2002.

During the current visit W.Boemer will meet representatives of the parliament, the government, the business circles of the republic, as well as representatives of ethnic Germans living in Kazakhstan.

The prime minister during his visit will be accompanied by a Bundesraete delegation and German businessmen.