Van Damme to shoot his new film in Kazakhstan

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16:01 26.09.2005
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Jean Claude Van Damme will make a film in Kazakhstan. The famous actor and producer has stated this today, September 26, at a meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan, on the eve of the international cinema festival "Eurasia - 2005," KZ-today correspondent reports from Astana.

"Two years ago I started a big project - a TV series. Episodes from a beautiful country with sand, steppes, mountains, lakes will be needed. Kazakhstan suits it very well," - J. Van Damme observed.

J. Van Damme has said that the idea of the series is that "someday a human being consisting of natural elements will be created on the Earth. Later on his twin will appear, who will persecute him. They will be travelling in various geographic zones wishing to reach each other and they will meet in the centre of the world - in Kazakhstan."

J. Van Damme plans to shoot the first 28 series in Kazakhstan during one year.