Bush Jr. vs. Kim Jong Il

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12:49 05.01.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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George Bush, president of USA, has blamed Kim Jong Il, head of North Korea, of starving his own people. Moreover, the American leader emphasised that the USA still wanted to resolve the crisis in its relationship with Pyongyang in a peaceful manner, KZ-today correspondent has learnt from a report published on the BBC web-site.

As the BBC reports, speaking to the journalists at his Texan ranch the head of White House stated that the North Korean people encountered such difficulties, because its leader "did not care to make the country's economy strong, and to feed the people". America, according to G.Bush, has "a big heart, but it's got no place for a man, starving his own people".

According to the figures of the UN World Food Programme, since the middle of 1990-s up to 2 million people have died due to the lack of food.

G.Bush also advised the journalists that he was constantly consulting with Japan, Russia, South Korea and China about the situation around North Korea unfreezing its nuclear program. "We work with our friends and allies in the region to explain to North Korea, that it's not in its national interests - to develop and circulate weapons of mass destruction", - the US president said.

American authorities plan to continue the shipments of food aid to North Korea within the UN World Food Programme, despite Pyongyang's unfreezing its nuclear program.

Meanwhile, in North Korea the year 2003 has been declared the period of "antagomism between Korean nation and USA". A joint programmatic statement published in all North Korean central newspapers says that. As the article explains, the US administration must understand that it won't be able to realise its "hegemonic strategy against Korea".