Kazakh-Thai business forum in Almaty

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17:52 29.08.2003
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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The government of Thailand seeks to arrange a partnership between private sectors of Kazakhstan and Thailand, Piyabut Cholvichan, vice minister of commerce of Thailand, said during a Kazakh-Thai business forum today, on 29 August.

According to P. Cholvichan, this forum will serve for a development of new business contacts between businessmen of Kazakhstan and Thailand.

He also observed that the two countries had to find possibilities to increase their commodity turnover, which today is insignificant. From a small figure of $70 million the commodity turnover has fallen by now to $20 million.

Car spare parts, computer components, electrical appliances, jewellery, India rubber, as well as foods, among which rice, sugar, fruit and sea foods are leading, are the main Thai export items.

Among the main import commodities of this country there are grain, coal, steel, oil, non-ferrous metals.

The vice minister of commerce P. Chovichan is in Kazakhstan heading the delegation, including also the chairman of the Trade chamber of Thailand, director general of the department of foreign trade of the Ministry of Trade and heads of big commercial structures of Thailand.