Government to accept criteria for audit of business

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11:52 22.07.2009
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. July 22. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan will accept criteria for carrying out of audits of subjects of business in half a year. Vice Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Serik Ahmetov, said in the interview to the newspaper Kazakhstan Pravda, the agency reports.

"The state bodies must, within six months from the moment of introduction of Law on Private Business (signed by the President of Kazakhstan in July, 2009), to create and accept transparent criteria of assessment of degree of risk. The audits can be carried out not more often than once a year - high risk, once in three years - average degree of risk and once in five years - insignificant degree of risk," S. Ahmetov informed.

"The exception is made only for the sanitary-and-epidemiologic control. The audits will be carried out once a month, once a quarter, and once a year according to the degree of risk."

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