Influence of world financial crisis starts to affect Kazakhstan

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14:53 25.02.2009
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. February 25. Kazakhstan Today - Vice President of World Bank (WB) for Europe and Central Asia, Shigeo Katz, said in Astana during the videoconference the consequences of the world financial crisis have become apparent in Kazakhstan, the agency reports.

The country, at the beginning of the crisis, possessed very stable financial situation. The anti-recessionary program of the government of Kazakhstan includes strong strategic measures directed at increase of stability to the crisis phenomena of all spheres of economy, "including fiscal, financial, agricultural, construction sectors, and small and medium business."

"Now you need to quickly, effectively and transparently start realization of the stipulated measures," WB representative considers.

As informed earlier, yesterday the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, held a number of working meetings with the representatives of financial institutions. During the meeting with the WB delegation its Vice President, Shigeo Katz, presented the Prime Minister the new Regional Director of World Bank for Central Asia, Moto Konishi. The talks were held on the important questions of further development of partner relations between the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and World Bank.

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