Prices in world market of zinc stabilized

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16:27 15.10.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. October 15. Kazakhstan Today - After a sharp decrease of prices in the world market of zinc the prices stabilized. Stocks of zinc in the London stock exchange of metals have increased for the last month.

Due to the previous significant increase of prices in the world zinc industry, not only new projects have begun, but also mines have been reanimated, the extraction of which was earlier suspended. It has led to the fact that lack of manufacture of zinc was replaced by balance of supply and demand.

The British Bank Barclays Capital has lowered the forecast of prices of metals for the nearest year, having noted that for zinc expansion extraction capacities can create even more problems. According to the analysts of the bank, it is unlikely that current reduction of prices of zinc will be long-term. Other analysts assume that in 2010 the market trend will be developed towards increase and the market of zinc concentrate will be in deficit due to closing of some mines.

The analysts of UniCredit Aton have lowered the forecast of prices for zinc in 2008 - 2012 by 10 - 16 % in connection with the expected surplus of supply of this metal in the market.

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