Senate approved bill on ratification of Agreement between Kazakhstan and Romania on international automobile transportations of cargoes

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19:57 11.09.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. September 11. Kazakhstan Today - Today at the plenary session of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan deputies approved the bill on ratification of the Agreement between the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the government of Romania on international automobile transportations of cargoes, the agency reports.

"Objective of the agreement is creation of legal basis for further development of cooperation in the field of international automobile communication and simplification of realization of automobile transportations between Kazakhstan and Romania," Vice Minister of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan, Zhenis Kasymbek, said presenting the bill.

As it was informed earlier, according to the agreement, transportation of cargoes between the states of the parties or transit on their territories is carried out without permits. A carrier registered in the state of one the parties, can carry out transportations of cargoes from the territory of the state of the other party on the territory of the third country on the basis of permits received from the competent body of the state of the other party.

According to the clause 4 of the agreement, the competent bodies of the states of both parties exchange every year coordinated quantity of permit forms. Permits are for personal use and can not be used by a third party.

The bill has been forwarded to the leader of the state to be signed into law.

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