G8 meeting took place in Japanese city Titose

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9:48 09.07.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. July 9. Kazakhstan Today - 39 young men and girls, leaders of the states and governments of G8 met on Tuesday in the Japanese city Titose on the island Hokkaido under the aegis of UN Children's Fund (UNICEF). They discussed problems of change of climate, global warming, and the questions of poverty and health protection, the agency reports referring to the UN News Center.

Young men and girls initiated creation of the international organization, which will control efficiency of energy use, waste processing, use of packaging and components of this or that product. They called upon the governments of G8 countries to accept the declaration forbidding granting of international assistance for "political purposes", and allocate more resources for support of educational programs and preventive maintenance of infectious diseases.

39 children - four people from each G8 country and one representative from each of 7 UNICEF regions of developing countries from Barbados, Cot-d'ivuar, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal and Southern Africa.

The meeting of two G8 enables young men to realize their right to expression of their opinion and an opportunity to share their vision with the leaders of world powers.

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