Kazakhstan State Secretary received credentials from newly appointed ambassadors

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17:20 18.06.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. June 18. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan State Secretary Kanat Saudabayev received credentials from the newly appointed ambassadors to the Republic of Kazakhstan on Tuesday, the agency reports referring to the president's press service.

According to the press service, K. Saudabayev received credentials from Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassadors of the Republic of Iceland Benedikt Asgeirsson, Korean People's Democratic Republic Kim En Je, the Kingdom of Thailand Suphot Dhirakaosal, Argentina Republic Leopoldo Alfredo Bravo, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammad Abubakir.

"During the meeting K. Saudabayev and Ambassador of Iceland B. Asgeirsson discussed the questions of bilateral cooperation of two countries."

"The relations between Kazakhstan and Iceland are at very high level. There are considerable opportunities for expansion of bilateral trade and economic cooperation. Representatives of Iceland business community are interested in investment and trading opportunities existing in Kazakhstan. Iceland is also interested in cooperation of use of alternative energy sources," B. Asgeirsson said at the briefing.

The Korean Ambassador Kim En Je emphasized that "despite of big distance between Kazakhstan and Korea, our people have been connected by long history and traditions of friendship." "The Korean government adheres to the policy of strengthening and development of traditional friendship with the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of ideals of independence, peace and cooperation," Kim En Je said.

K. Saudabayev and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand Suphot Dhirakaosal discussed the questions of strengthening of relations between two countries. The parties noted high potential of cooperation of our states in various spheres. "Thailand is interested in cooperation in energy, tourism, trade and investments. I, as Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand, will promote in every possible way, development of mutual relations," S. Dhirakaosal emphasized.

Kazakhstan State Secretary and the Ambassador L. A. Bravo discussed prospects of cooperation development between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Argentinean Republic. The Ambassador noted: "Our relations have been developing in all branches and, first of all, in the field of agriculture. The representatives of National Institute of Agriculture of Argentina have been working in Kazakhstan for a number of years. Technologies of zero crops have been introduced in Kazakhstan and, in case of success, it will be an important project for Kazakhstan."

K. Saudabaeva's meeting and the Ambassador of Nigeria Muhammad Abubakir has been devoted to establishment of mutual relations between our countries. "We have discussed the issues of world policy and development of economic cooperation between our countries. Nigeria is interested in realization of exchange programs, especially in education on engineering sciences," the Ambassador said.

"Our countries have extensive reserves of mineral resources. Therefore, we are interested in studying Kazakhstan industrial and agricultural experience. Nigeria also welcomes investments from Kazakhstan in metallurgical branch of our country," the Ambassador of Nigeria said at the briefing.

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