Kazakhstan, Russia signed agreement on joint customs and boundary control

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16:42 18.04.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. April 18. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan and Russia signed the cooperation agreement on joint control of travelling of people and transportation goods and vehicles through the Kazakhstan-Russian frontier. The chairman of the customs control of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan Kozy-Korpesh Karbuzov informed today at the press conference, the agency reports.

The agreement will allow simplifying and accelerating the process of customs inspection at the common border."

"The signed document demonstrates high level of mutual trust of the countries and will promote development of trade cooperation," K. Karbuzov emphasized.

He explained that the customs bodies of two states will mutually recognize the results of the customs registration during inspection procedure. The agreement provides operative information exchange of both parties about quantity of goods and vehicles with the purpose of revelation and suppression of illegal transportation of cargoes through the border.

Today during the meeting the chairmen of customs bodies of Russia and Kazakhstan signed the list of check points at the Kazakhstan-Russian border.

The documents from the Kazakhstan party were signed by the chairman of the customs control committee of Kazakhstan Kozy-Korpesh Karbuzov, the deputy director of the boundary service of the Committee of National Safety Kenesbek Budeneev, from the Russian party - the chairman of the Federal customs service Andrey Belyaninov and the official representative of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan Umarpasha Hanaliyev.

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