Corruption remains army problem - main Military Office of Public Prosecutor

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16:38 29.01.2008
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Almaty. January 29. Kazakhstan Today - Corruption remains one of the main problems of the army in Kazakhstan, the senior assistant to the main Military Public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan, Colonel of Justice Nurlan Sisimbayev informed the agency.

"According to the results of the investigations of corruption cases in the sphere of state purchases, large budgetary assets settled in pockets of the military officers responsible for maintenance of defense and safety of the state," N. Sisimbayev informed.

Among them is the chairman of the central administrative board of military-medical department of the Armed forces, colonel of medical services Idrisov, by whose fault the state lost almost 200 million tenge. He is now sentenced to prison where he serves his sentence.

Besides, the criminal case, concerning the commander of the army unit 11098 of the Ministry of Defence, colonel Alpysbayev, who has caused the damage to the state for the sum of more than 160 million tenge, is in court.

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