Kazakhstan to finish transition to digital tele-radio broadcasting till 2015 - Samgau state holding

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11:09 04.10.2007
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. October 4. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan will finish transition to digital tele-radio broadcasting till 2015. The vice President of the board of the holding Marat Nurguzhin said on Monday during public hearings on the strategy of development of the holding for 2008 - 2012, the agency reports.

According to M. Nurguzhin, transition of tele-radio broadcasting to the open digital standard with modernization of infrastructure is included in a number of strategic objectives of the state holding till 2015. "Transition to a digital format of broadcasting by 2015 is an objective reality which we cannot avoid," he emphasized.

In this connection, according to M. Nurguzhin, the holding plans to finish development of infrastructure of tele-radio broadcasting to expand scope of the population with the programs of tele and radio broadcasting, including infrastructures for production of household equipment for reception of digital tele and radio signals up to 2012.

"Introduction of the digital standard of tele-radio broadcasting will allow the state to provide the inhabitants of Kazakhstan creation of the radio television educational channel, creation of the channel of distant education, granting of high-speed access to the Internet that will make possible direct interactive participation in TV-programs," he concluded.

Samgau was created in April of 2007 by the decree of the President of the state with the objective to create favorable conditions for scientifically technological development of the state.

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