Central Election Commission encourages public to control elections

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10:47 18.07.2007
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. July 18. Kazakhstan Today - The Central Election Commission encourages the public to take part in control of elections. The CEC Chairman Kuandyk Turgankulov stated on Tuesday at the round table session, the agency reports.

"Proceeding from the interests of increase of the level of openness and transparency of the election process, the CEC calls public associations and mass media of Kazakhstan to establish public control over carrying out of propaganda and all other election events," K. Turgankulov said. "We also call political and public figures, representatives of scientific and creative intelligency to be actively involved in the work of the organization of control over elections," he added.

The Chairman of the Central Election Committee noted that "the election legislation of Kazakhstan meets the international standards." "However, only strict following by all participants of the election process all the norms of the law will allow to realize all democratic potential of our legislation and to conduct elections transparently, fairly and honestly," he considers.

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