Parliament approved amendment to legislation concerning housing construction savings

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15:49 12.06.2007
text: "Kazakhstan Today"
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Astana. June 12. Kazakhstan Today - Today at the plenary senate session the deputies passed in the second reading the law on amendments and additions to the acts concerning housing construction savings," the agency reports.

As it was informed earlier, the norms of the new law introduces new concept - preliminary housing loan, which will be given to the investor of the housing construction saving bank to improve living conditions with simultaneous accumulation of housing construction savings not waiting, as today, required minimal three-year term of accumulation.

The scheme of accumulation and crediting system of housing construction savings will be changed. The parity fifty by fifty is being introduced: the investor should save up 50 %, 50 % - the premium of the state. The budget for the following years will allocate resources to cover such charges.

The law has been directed for the President's signature.

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