New AFP office opened in Kazakhstan

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17:42 26.05.2009
text: Gazeta.kz
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Agence France-Presse launched yesterday a new regional hub for Central Asia in Kazakhstan. "Central Asia region is at the cross roads of the ancient civilization and a number of important issues of energy, ethnic integration, as well as interests of Russia, China and America are focused here," said Mr. Louette, chairman of AFP, the world's oldest and most respected global news organization.

The central point of the initiators of the press conference is that Kazakhstan is an important and vital region in the world information market.

According to them, time has come for our "rapidly growing country" to declare of itself to all over the world and to draw attention of the world. "Some 80 years ago, the same story happened to Argentina and Uruguay, which were among ten top world industrial leaders. However, we see that at the moment their image suffered, these countries gave a way to such countries as Indonesia, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan at the moment on upheaval and takes the active part in many important projects of the global size. For instance, the country wants to manage nuclear fuel. It is The point that the image of your country is changing, is quite obvious," the head of the AFP mentioned.