IMF mission arrived in Tbilisi to study the budget

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10:13 12.12.2001
text: Caspian news agency
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Today, the mission of the International Monetary Fund arrived in Tbilisi. This visit was postponed from late October because of crisis caused from the resignation of the government.

The main parameters of IMF program in Georgia for 2002 as well as parameters of the budget for 2002 will be discussed during the consultations in Tbilisi. The members of IMF mission will touch upon fiscal policy, revenues to the state budget in particular. As a result of consultations the mission will make a report on paces of implementation of the first state of national program for poverty and reaching economic growth. This program is being carried out due to the sum of a USD 147 million credit allocated this January. A special attention will be paid to implementation of state budget for 2001 FY. The final assessment of the IMF mission will play an important role for the decision of the World Bank on allocation of the regular tranche of SAC-III and ESAC credit for about USD 52.5 million. This sum is already fixed in the revenue part of state budget for 2002.