Poland has its own project of gas pipeline to deliver Russian gas to Western Europe

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12:21 30.01.2008
text: Gazeta.kz
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Poland has developed the new project of a land gas pipeline from Russia and the Western Europe via Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany, Gazeta.kz translated RBC daily referring to Polish Dziennik.

The new gas pipeline should be cheaper and shorter then Nord Stream which goes along the Baltic Sea. According to Polish Dziennik, "GasProm" sees more negative than positive in the Polish project.

The project of the new gas pipeline will be proposed to Russia by the Poland Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, during the forthcoming on February 8 visit to Moscow, Dziennik reports. Tusk's government already consulted with governments of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania on the construction questions and received theirs agreement.

Besides, Baltic States are ready to participate in the project and pay the part of its cost. According to Polish experts held the calculations of probable expenses, the new gas pipeline will be twice cheaper than "Nord Stream" built on the Baltic Sea bottom as well as significantly shorter. Expenses for Nord Stream construction is measured in more than EUR 5 bln.

According to the project, the new gas pipeline should go through European Union member States' territory that excludes illegal transit gas collection and arbitrary payment increase for gas transit, the Polish newspaper thinks. In recent times as alternative to Nord Stream Poland and Byelorussia proposed Russia to build the second line of Jamal - Europe gas pipeline, however countries did not agree in terms of conditions.

According to experts, the gas pipeline going through the territory of Poland was very much profitable for the country. Poland will be able to get income from gas transit and have guaranteed fuel deliveries. But "GasProm" will hardly reject Nord Stream in a favor of Polish proposal. Because the Nord Stream main task is to eliminate Poland and other transit countries from gas deliveries.